Radiophilia (Carolyn Birdsall)

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Radiophilia (Carolyn Birdsall)

Sound and radio scholar Carolyn Birdsall discusses her award-winning book Nazi Soundscapes (AUP, 2012) and her new book, Radiophilia (Bloomsbury, 2023). Continue reading

Cosmic Visions in Sound

Today we share a podcast episode on the visual epistemology of astronomy by our friends at The World According to Sound. What kind of knowledge do we really gain when we look at images from space? Continue reading

Making Radio History (Elena Razlogova)

Elena Razlogova discusses U.S. radio history, audience research, music recommendation and recognition algorithms, and her current book project, which centers on freeform radio station WFMU and the rise of online music. We also talk about Elena’s research strategies as a historian working in the digital age. Continue reading

(Re)Making Radio with Shortwave Collective

The Shortwave Collective–an international group of feminist radio artists–teach you how to make your own radio with found materials! We talk about play, experimentation, failure, community, and open listening in their feminist radio practice. Continue reading

Voices Pt. 2: The Sound of My Voice (Stacey Copeland)

In part two of our three-part series “Voices,” we feature an exciting new voice in the world of sound studies, Stacey Copeland.  In part one last month, we examined the role voices play in professional sports and unpacked some of … Continue reading

Lightning Birds (Jacob Smith)

Today we present the first episode of Jacob Smith’s new eco-critical audiobook, Lightning Birds: An Aeroecology of the Airwaves. In this audio-only book, Smith uses expert production to craft a wildly original argument about the relations between radio and bird … Continue reading

What is Radio Art (Colin Black)

What is radio art? It’s a rather unfamiliar term in the United States, but in other countries, it’s a something of an artistic tradition. Today’s guest, Dr. Colin Black  is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning radio artist and composer. He speaks … Continue reading

City of Voices (Shannon Mattern)

This episode we have a single longform interview with a media scholar of note–The New School’s Shannon Mattern. We have teamed up with Mediapolis, a journal that places urban studies and media studies into conversation with one another, to interview … Continue reading