Beyond Listening: The Hidden Ways Sound Affects Us (Michael Heller)

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Beyond Listening: The Hidden Ways Sound Affects Us (Michael Heller)

Dr. Michael Heller examines sonic experiences that go “beyond listening.” Moments when sound overpowers us. When sound is sensed more in our bodies than in our ears. When sound engages in crosstalk with our other senses. Or when it affects us by being inaudible. Continue reading

Radiophilia (Carolyn Birdsall)

Sound and radio scholar Carolyn Birdsall discusses her award-winning book Nazi Soundscapes (AUP, 2012) and her new book, Radiophilia (Bloomsbury, 2023). Continue reading

Warren Zanes: Rockstar Biographer

Warren Zanes talks life as a rocker and writer, his new book on Springsteen’s Nebraska, how to weave theory into a great story, and why he narrates his own audiobooks.  Continue reading

Bonus Episode: Jonathan Sterne [excerpt]

Today we feature an excerpt from our nearly 2-hour bonus episode for Patrons. In the full interview from last season’s episode “Dork-o-Phonics,” Jonathan Sterne discusses topics such as the early days of sound studies, how his upbringing and a music school rejection led him to sound, his illness and vocal impairment, and a lot of fascinating ideas about voice, media, disability, and more. Continue reading

In One Ear, Out The Other (Jacob Danson Faraday On Cirque du Soleil)

On today’s show, we address a performer’s nightmare—the nightmare of not being able to hear yourself onstage. My guest is ethnomusicologist Jacob Danson Faraday, who takes us behind the scenes of the famed Cirque du Soleil to learn how even … Continue reading

Fela Kuti and the Black Atlantic (Tim Lawrence and Jeremy Gilbert)

This month, we are preparing for the launch of Season Four of the podcast in September. Lots of fascinating topics on deck, as we double our output with a semi-monthly format. We are also about to officially launch a Patreon … Continue reading

Awfully Viral (Paula Harper on Will Robin’s Sound Expertise)

Will Robin interviews Dr. Paula Harper about her work on viral music videos and taste, specifically that terrible Rebecca Black video “Friday” that’s probably still rattling around in some dark recess of your brain. Continue reading

Soar and Chill (Robin James)

Why do certain musical sounds move us while others leave us cold? Are musical trends simply that—or do they contain insights into the culture at large? Our guest is a musicologist who studies pop and electronic dance music. She’s fascinated … Continue reading