Season Four Trailer

September 1, 2022 | 1:53

Get ready for Season Four of Phantom Power, where we study sound in the arts, music, and culture!

On Phantom Power, we’ve got an ear to the ground—listening to the subterranean rats of New York… 

We’ve got an ear on the streets—with the rattling car trunks of Houston hip hop…

And we’ve got an ear for culture—analyzing the politics of Yoko Ono’s voice…

And in every episode, we hear from the world’s great experts on these topics—the fascinating scholars, sound artists, and musicians who tap the phantom power of sound. 

I’m sound professor Mack Hagood, host of Phantom Power. Our fourth season starts September 15th.

We’ll meet a scholar who embedded with the Cirque D’ Soleil to find out why musicians always seem to keep one of their in-ear monitors hanging out of their ear. (Have you noticed that?)

We’ll find out how Kate Bush made the glorious sounds of “Running Up That Hill” with an early digital synthesizer.

We’re going back in history to hear the sound world of Harriet Tubman.

We’ll also talk to cultural critic Karen Tongson from the podcast Waiting to X-hale about the power of karaoke.

And host Dallas Taylor will tell us how his team makes their hit sound podcast 20,000 hertz.

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