Awfully Viral (Paula Harper on Will Robin’s Sound Expertise)

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Awfully Viral (Paula Harper on Will Robin’s Sound Expertise)

Will Robin interviews Dr. Paula Harper about her work on viral music videos and taste, specifically that terrible Rebecca Black video “Friday” that’s probably still rattling around in some dark recess of your brain. Continue reading

Voices Pt. 3: Dork-o-phonics (Jonathan Sterne)

Jonathan Sterne is one of the most influential scholars working on sound and listening. His 2003 book, The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction, had a formative influence on the then-nascent field of sound studies. His 2012 book, MP3: The Meaning of a Format, was both a fascinating cultural history and a deep meditation… Continue reading

Voices Pt. 2: The Sound of My Voice (Stacey Copeland)

In part two of our three-part series “Voices,” we feature an exciting new voice in the world of sound studies, Stacey Copeland.  In part one last month, we examined the role voices play in professional sports and unpacked some of … Continue reading

Voices Part 1: Hut-hut-hike! (Travis Vogan, Jonathan Sterne)

In this first episode of a three-part series called Voices, we’re listening to the sound of American football—specifically the role of voices in the NFL. We start with a rather quirky story from NFL history that speaks to how the voice … Continue reading

How Our Sonic Sausage Gets Made (Mack Hagood w/ Dario Llinares & Lori Beckstead)

This episode, we take you behind the scenes of Phantom Power. Producer/host Mack Hagood was invited by Dario Llinares and Lori Beckstead to be a guest on their show, The Podcast Studies Podcast. As you may or may not know, … Continue reading

The World According to Sound (Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett)

The World According to Sound is the brainchild of two rogue audionauts who rebelled against the NPR mothership: Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett. It began as a micro podcast that held one unique sound under the microscope for 90 seconds … Continue reading

Animal Control (Mandy-Suzanne Wong, Robbie Judkins, Colleen Plumb) [Re-Cast]

In this re-cast, we examine the sounds humans make in order to monitor, repel, and control beasts. Author Mandy-Suzanne Wong’s Listen, We All Bleed is a creative nonfiction book that explores the human-animal relationship through animal-centered sound art. When we … Continue reading

R. Murray Schafer Pt. 2: Critiques & Contradictions

How to think about the contradictory figure of R. Murray Schafer? A renegade scholar who used sound technology to create an entirely new field of study, even as he devalued the very tools of its trade. A gifted composer who … Continue reading

R. Murray Schafer (1933-2021) Pt.1

R. Murray Schafer recently passed away on August 14th 2021. If you’re someone who works with sound or enjoys sound art or experimental music–or you’ve just thrown around the word “soundscape”–you’ve probably engaged with his intellectual legacy. Schafer was one of … Continue reading

“On Listening In” ft. Lawrence English (Re-cast)

Today, in honor of World Listening Day, we rebroadcast our story on renowned Australian sound composer, media artist and curator Lawrence English. This episode of gets deep into English’s own listening practices as an artist, specifically a technique he calls … Continue reading