On July 18th this year, Teresa Barrozo‘s question — What might the Future sound like? — will be opened to global participation. We bring news of World Listening Day, and speak with Teresa about her intervention.

We also hear of data archival developments in acoustic ecology. And we speak with Leah Barclay, the editor of Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, about her Biosphere Soundscapes project and some of the challenges of developing accessible apps for mobile platforms.

Cris grapples inadequately with the terminology of the anthropophone, the biophone and the geophone in his everyday life.

The audio work heard in this episode can be found on the Soundclouds of Leah Barclay and Teresa Barrozo.

One comment on “Ep. 6: Data Streams (Leah Barclay and Teresa Barrozo)

  1. Ros Bandt says:

    great you are doing this work Leah and Terese

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